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Meet Captain Jim

A Captain's job is more than simply steering the ship. When choosing a fishing charter you are also choosing a captain. Who they are matters. Let's meet your captain!


Captain Jim has been a fisherman for 30 years. Before buying his first official charter boat, he has captained for some of the best charter fishing boats in Lake Erie.

He built his own home and raised two boys who also have become charter boat captains with a love and knack for fishing. They have taken on Captain Jim's champion philosophy and are both successful wrestlers and captains.


Captain Jim understands that it is more than just a boat and fishing poles. He knows how to fish and how to teach others. He knows where the fish are biting and when. He understands that it is necessary to provide a great experience first and catching fish is secondary BUT at the end of the day, everyone wants to catch fish!



What will it be like on the boat with Captain Jim?


There are a lot of fishing boats and a lot of captains on the lake. But people really want to know what their experience is going to be like. So here, in a nutshell, is what it will be like to go out on the boat with Captain Jim: 



  • Fishing with someone who knows how to fish.

  • Having someone on board who knows how to entertain his guests.

  • Being with a dad who wants to keep your family safe and provide a good time.

  • Doing business with a man of integrity with your best interests in mind.

  • Having a champion on your team who does not believe in doing anything half-ass.




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