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The Charter Boat

Captian Jim searched the "seas" for 18 months until he found his treasure- the Island Hopper. The Island Hopper is no ordinary charter boat. Captain Jim wanted a boat that was safe for families, luxurious enough for corporations, and still true to its purpose -to catch fish.


When choosing a charter to fish with, the boat matters. In addition to catching fish, your experience will depend much on the boat being used. Will it be too hot? Will you feel safe? Does it move swiftly enough so the time you paid to go fishing will not be spent slowly cruising to your destination?


If you are taking a client out will they be impressed? If you are bringing your children will they be comfortable? If you are out with friends will you have room to have a little fun? You should ask yourself questions such as these so that you can have the best possible experience out on the water!


Explore our charter boat below and know it will lead you to a great day out on the water.

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