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Enjoy your day. Catch lots of Fish!

Call Captain Jim to schedule your Lake Erie Fishing Charter Voyage! (419) 732-8195

Fishing Enjoyment for All!

Families, businesses, and lovers of fishing prepare for an amazing time out in the Lake Erie Waters!


At Champion Charters, our job is to provide you with the best experience out on the water. This means having an enjoyable time and catching lots of fish. 


We understand that "fun" is different for every guest on our fishing charter. This is why we put so much care into planning each and every trip. So regardless of whether you are a family, business, or just some friends wanting to take a fishing charter on Lake Erie Waters, we will make sure to provide the best experience possible!


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Why Champion Charters

You have options. Whom you choose matters.


Choosing the right fishing charter can be a challenge. You want to have a great time and you want to catch fish. This means the captain you choose and the boat they head matters.


As a father of champions, Captain Jim believes in doing things well and doing them right. He believes attention to details makes the difference.


So when he decided to start Champion Charters he knew he needed more than just a boat and fishing knowledge. He would have to provide a superior fishing charter experience for all of his customers. And that is what he does!


Meet the Captain. Check out the amazing Charter Boat.


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